Changing Behaviours Is The Turning Point

By Rebecca Milner, International Medical Corps 

My role as Vice President of Institutional Advancement for International Medical Corps is to implement marketing strategies that can positively impact the health and well-being of the world’s most vulnerable populations. At the World Marketing Summit Malaysia 2013, I will be speaking about MDG5 – Improve Maternal Health.

The Problem:

An estimated 287,000 women died during pregnancy and childbirth in 2010. Although this is a decline of 47% from levels in 1990, most maternal deaths today are still preventable and, globally, progress in this area is falling short.

To achieve MDG5, we must train, equip and support more frontline health workers to improve access to emergency obstetric, antenatal and postnatal care. We must ensure equitable access to health care, making additional interventions to overcome obstacles in underserved areas and focusing on culturally-relevant behavior change communication strategies.

In addition to health workforce strengthening at the local level, achieving MDG5 requires capacity-building at the governmental level, which entails working with national and international partners to increase political will to implement maternal health interventions.

Changing the World Through Marketing

Marketing helps us build awareness and engage in targeted advocacy and educational outreach, ultimately changing the behaviors and attitudes that affect socio-economic outcomes at the individual, community, national and global level.

In order to achieve the desired behavioral outcomes, International Medical Corps calls upon a variety of approaches and activities, including: training community volunteers to provide interpersonal communication with individuals through door-to-door visits and group discussion; producing awareness-raising materials in partnership with community stakeholders; developing culturally appropriate, educational entertainment channels, including plays, songs and puppet shows; and strengthening civil society to foster positive social transformation.

The World Marketing Summit Malaysia 2013

The World Marketing Summit Malaysia 2013 is a fantastic opportunity to create conversations around how to use marketing as a tool to reach social goals. Drawing from the global expertise of the speakers, WMSM 2013 can be the platform to create practical solutions to the world’s biggest challenges that can be implemented by a broad range of stakeholders.

International Medical Corps

Founded in 1984, International Medical Corps has since been on the ground saving lives within hours of the world’s biggest emergencies. From a handful of volunteer nurses and doctors, International Medical Corps has grown to a global staff of 4,500 and thousands more volunteers, delivering $1.4 billion in lifesaving medical care and training on the frontlines of the world’s most underserved places.

To date, International Medical Corps has worked in 70 countries impacted by conflict, natural disaster, disease and famine—saving tens of millions of lives and training thousands of health care workers in order to return devastated communities to self-reliance

Catch Rebecca Milner and all the other key speakers at the World Marketing Summit Malaysia 2013 in Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC), Malaysia from 28-30 September 2013. 

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